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If you suspect something isn’t right, we encourage you to submit a report through our whistleblowing channel.

Alimak Group strives to achieve transparency and a high level of business ethics. Our whistleblowing channel offers a possibility to alert the organisation about suspicions of misconduct in a confidential way. The reporting channel is an important tool for reducing risks and to maintain trust in our operations by enabling us to detect and act on possible misconduct at an early stage. Whistleblowing can be done openly or anonymously.

To report potential breaches of Alimak Group’s Code of Conduct and local laws and regulations, or to raise concerns about potential issues relating to our or our business partners’ operations, please submit a report via this link:

All received messages will be handled confidentially. The whistleblowing channel is provided by WhistleB, an external service provider. All messages are encrypted. Reporting may be done in 16 different languages.

The whistleblower will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the report within 7 days and the whistleblowing team will thereafter send appropriate feedback within 3 months upon the date of receiving the report.

Questions relating to the whistleblowing channel can be directed to:

Sylvain Grange, Group CFO,
Annika Haaker, Chief People & Culture Officer,
Sara Punkki, Head of Group Tax & Legal,