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Life with us

Discover how you can take your career to New Heights with the world’s leading provider of vertical access solutions.

Let’s reach new heights together

At Alimak Group we know that people are our most valuable asset and the key to our future success. We believe in an environment that allows our people to inspire new ways of thinking and new ways of working; an environment that is inclusive, where our people can influence and make a difference.

It is important to us that our people become part of the wider Alimak Group community, whilst having the ability to also grow and achieve individually.

At Alimak Group we are committed to improving the total employee experience and our People & Culture programs focus on meeting your needs through all stages of the employment lifecycle.

Our Vision and Values

Moving people, material and businesses safely to new heights is the overall vision for Alimak Group, and this is what we promise to deliver to our customers. 

Our values are an integral part of the way our people work. They guide us in how to deliver our strategy, how to meet our customers’ expectations and needs and how to push the boundaries of excellence. Our values are defined below.

Joining Alimak Group can lead you on an exciting journey

Alimak Group is a global market leader in vertical access solutions for industry and the construction sectors with a strong commitment on enhancing customer safety, productivity and profitability.

With a presence in more than 120 counties, we offer a range of challenging and rewarding jobs across all facets of our business, from back office roles to onsite service and maintenance and everything in between.

With all new employees, our aim is to create a positive experience from day 1.  We have a strong focus on Onboarding and will work to get you quickly acquainted with your new job, company networks, and understanding the business. We will provide a clear plan to ensure you understand the role you play in the team, department and the company, as well as providing you with clear goals and objectives to achieve success in your new role. Our onboarding process focuses on 3 key areas;


Ensure new employees have the correct materials, knowledge and training to do their day-to-day job well


Ensure new employees feel welcomed and part of the team. Support them to build and promote valuable relationships with colleagues and managers


Ensure that employees understand the organization (structure, vision, values, strategy, history and brands) and how they fit within the business

Learning & Development

In a changing world it is essential that we keep learning and never stand still. Growing as individuals means we grow as a company. At Alimak Group you will guide your own professional journey together with your leaders. This is managed as part of our continuous performance development program.

We are committed to the development of all our employees, and we strive to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Our learning activities are easily accessible via different formats to ensure the best possible learning experience. Depending on your role and individual development plan, you could receive training and development in engineering, safety, sales management, project management and much more. We want to support you in your professional growth at Alimak Group.

Employee Engagement

Your voice matters

Our employees are our most valuable asset, and at Alimak Group we conduct regular pulse surveys to measure employee engagement and satisfaction. This feedback provides us with a real time understanding of the actual employee experience and enables all of us to make timely adjustments to meet the needs of the employees and improve the experience without delay. For this we use our engagement survey tool called “The Voice”.

It’s not just about the job

We understand that your work life is not just about the job. As we have already mentioned we want our employees to get involved in the Alimak Group Community and thus, we have ongoing initiatives to bring our global community together.

  • Women Lifting Women: a global forum established to learn more about our female colleagues who are driving to new heights through their career paths. The network meets virtually, once per quarter with a different agenda each time. Some of the topics include; inspirational speakers, updates on key projects, workshops to obtain input into future initiatives and understanding our business better. At Alimak Group we believe in having a gender balanced workforce and are committed to achieving diversity and equality in all that we do. The WLW network further reinforces our commitment to becoming an employer of choice, where women want to work and grow in their careers.
  • Fitness Challenge: we understand that good mental health means our employees need a work life balance and that physical health and mental health are intertwined. In 2022 we launched a Global Fitness challenge to virtually walk, in teams, from Stockholm to Kyiv. This was a global challenge for Alimak Group where more than 2000 employees across 21 countries had the opportunity to participate. The challenge was a great success, and we will see more of these types of events going forward.

Safety and Sustainability at Alimak Group

Safety is our highest priority

We are the global leader in safe solutions within the segments where we operate. Safety of people and assets is always most important – both internally and externally, bringing solutions to the market, as well as at customers’ work sites. ​

Our products and solutions enable the building, operation and maintenance of future sustainable cities, communities, and industrial applications in a safe and efficient way. This is done through the unique offering of safe and valuable vertical access solutions combined with first class After Sales services providing operational assistance and advice on proper and productive use of the solutions.

Join us in our sustainable growth path

Alimak Group is on a sustainable, profitable growth path and sees opportunities in the whole value chain, from early product development to the daily use of our solutions via our service offering. Research and development are integrated with both marketing, sales and production but also relying on feedback from the service delivery team. Everything is done with the aim of maximising customer.

For more information visit our Sustainability Section.