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Sustainability Policy

We are committed to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business, to capture future business success, drive innovation and be relevant to all our stakeholders – today as well in the future.

Sustainable Relationships – who we are Env Social Gov
  • We conduct business in a responsible manner, promoting an inclusive and engaging workplace, and expect business partners to do the same
  • We engage in relevant ecosystems to be part in the transformation towards increased sustainability in the sectors we are active in
Sustainable Solutions – what we deliver Env Social Gov
  • Our products and solutions are designed to minimise the impact on the environment throughout their lifetime
  • We help our customers to increase productivity and minimise their CO2 footprint through innovative products and solutions
  • Safe and reliable solutions are part of Alimak Group’s DNA and core values
Sustainable Operations – how we work Env Social Gov
  • We strive to minimise the environmental impact across all our operations
  • Our workplace should be safe, inclusive, and engaging

Ole Joedahl
President and CEO Alimak Group