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Remuneration to the Members of the Board of Directors

It was resolved at the annual general meeting on May 4, 2023, that until the end of the next annual general meeting, the fee will be SEK 870,000 for the Chair of the Board and SEK 350,000 each for other Directors elected by the annual general meeting. In addition, SEK 118,000 is payable to the Chair of the Audit Committee and SEK 86,000 to other members of the Audit Committee, SEK 80,000 to the Chair of the Remuneration Committee, and SEK 58,000 to other members of the Remuneration Committee.

It was resolved at the meeting that fees would be paid to the auditor in accordance with approved invoices.

Guidelines for Remuneration to the CEO and other Senior Executives

Pursuant to the Swedish Companies Act, the Board of Directors is required to propose remuneration guidelines and a remuneration report to the annual general meeting. Please find below the guidelines resolved on at the annual general meeting 2022 and the remuneration report approved at the annual general meeting 2023.

Current Employment Agreements for the CEO, Group Leadership Team and other Senior Executives

Remuneration to the Chief Executive Officer and to other members of Group Leadership Team consists of base salary, variable salary, other benefits and pensions. The size of the variable salary depend on the role and can as a maximum amount to 50% of the fixed remuneration for the CEO and 40% of the remuneration for other senior executives.

For a majority of the members of the Group Leadership Team, a notice period of six months applies if the employment agreement is terminated by the Company. The severance pay of the Chief Executive Officer corresponds to 12 months’ base salary.

Information regarding pension commitments is set out in the Company’s audited consolidated financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2022.