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How we hire

We look forward to welcoming you

To give you an understanding of how the Alimak Group recruitment process works, we have outlined the main steps below. Please keep in mind that you can expect local variations to our process depending on the country and the type of job you are applying for.

Application and CV

We do our best to create job adverts which provide you with a good insight into the jobs as well as the required competencies and experiences needed. All open positions can be found at Alimak Group AB – Jobs.  Please send your CV and a cover letter when applying.  You can also attach other relevant supporting documents if appropriate.

Before inviting you to an interview we screen and evaluate your CV and covering letter. We look at your employment and career path, education, accomplishments, and results. This helps us to evaluate whether the job is in line with your personal and professional qualifications. Your CV and covering letter are a way to present yourself to us, so we can get to know a little bit about you, this will help us to understand a little about you and to evaluate if you would be a good fit for the role and organization.

All applications we receive are handled with respect and in strict confidence.

During the interview we value an open and trustworthy dialogue where you can ask questions related to the job and where we seek to find out if you are the right candidate with the right competencies for the position. We want to hear about your expectations of the job, your motivation for applying to Alimak Group and what you have already achieved in your career through experiences, qualifications and results relevant to the job.

For some positions, you may be asked to complete an online assessment or prepare a case. You will always receive information about this before the interview and naturally get feedback on any assessment you might have carried out. Depending on the specific job and country there maybe more than one interview conducted during the recruitment process.

Towards the end of the recruitment process, we might collect references from previous employments or education to learn more about your results and collaboration. This only takes place in agreement with you. We do not contact references before obtaining your consent.

If we offer you a job

You will contacted with an offer. Then the real journey begins!  You will be enrolled in our onboarding program, and we will be waiting to get to know you!