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Sustainability is one of Alimak Group’s fundamental enablers and cross through all strategic initiatives –  both for the Group but also integrated into each division’s strategy.

In a world that is growing and becoming ever more global, megacities are created – driven by population growth and urbanization. These growing communities need infrastructure, housing and renewable energy. Alimak Group’s access solutions enable the development of this in an efficient way, but most importantly through higher safety via our broad range of vertical access solutions.

Alimak Group has set a framework for the sustainability work. The framework is the base for the sustainability policy, prioritized actions and how to measure progress going forward. The framework consists of the following parts:

  • Sustainable relationship – our role in society and defines who we are
  • Sustainable solutions –  focus of the customer value of  what we deliver
  • Sustainable operations – defines how we work cross our operations


To keep the content and the focus of framework relevant, we continuously update the materiality analysis through an active stakeholder dialogue. The materiality analysis forms the basis for what is prioritized in order to increase value creation, reduce environmental impact and contribute to social development.

Alimak Sustainability Image