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Ruth Palomares

alimak-ruth-bInterview with Ruth Palomares

Hello Ruth! Can you tell me a little bit about your job today?

At the moment, my job involves working in finance, sales, marketing, and events. But, starting from March 1st, I’ll be taking on a new role as the Marketing Manager for our three global brands: Manntech, CoxGomyl, and Tractel. I am based in Germany, but my role is international. I’ll be reporting to Benjamin Huneau, the Vice President for Marketing, Innovation and Transformation for the Façade Access Division and Height Safety & Product Solutions Division. My new role will involve strategic planning and effective execution across various marketing functions to ensure our brands maintain a competitive edge.

Can you tell us about your educational and professional background?

I was born in the Philippines and pursued a degree in hotel management before relocating to Singapore to learn about customer relationship management and intercultural competence. After that, I went to study in Germany.  I wanted to dive deeper into International Cultural and Business Studies with a focus on International Management. My educational journey, complemented by experience in the emergency medical field, has taught me critical thinking, adaptability, and effective problem-solving skills, which I use daily when engaging with colleagues and clients worldwide.

And what led you to where you are today, can you say something about your personal journey?

It’s not easy to point at one single thing but throughout my life, my faith has been a constant source of strength, particularly during the most challenging times of adapting to a new life in a foreign country with a new language. I owe where I am today to the unwavering support of my family, friends and mentors who believed in me, urging me to embrace my authenticity, my curiosity and strive for excellence despite the challenges I faced.

On your LinkedIn profile we can read that you’ve lived in Singapore and that you’re also an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and now you are in Germany working for an Industrial company?

After completing my studies in Germany, I actively sought a sales position, leading me to discover the opportunity at Manntech. As a child, my father planted a guava tree near his office, which I visited regularly. He supervised a steel factory, which gave me a unique connection to the industrial sector. Those early experiences, combined with my passion for sales, spiked my interest to explore the industrial business we are engaged in at Manntech, which is part of Alimak Group.

And the interest in emergency medical field?

Growing up, I looked forward Friday evenings to join my family in watching Rescue 911, a show which captured my interest with the emergency medical field from a young age. When Covid struck and lockdown measures confined us, I took the opportunity to complete my EMT certification.

Do you have a career passion in your life?

I believe in putting customers first, no matter which Industry I am in. I’m passionate about building authentic connections and talking to people from all over the world. Understanding different cultures excites me and helps me grow, both personally and professionally.

Can you share your most significant success until today?

My greatest success has been living a purpose-driven life. As an EMT, I get to help other human beings during their most vulnerable moments. You get perspective of life and career, when you engage in something like that. At the same time, my role in marketing has allowed me to express and nurture my creative instincts. This balance between making a positive impact in people’s lives and unleashing my creativity in the marketing realm has been both personally satisfying and professionally enriching.

What advice would like to offer other women who are aspiring to pursue a career like yours?

My advice to other women who are interested in a similar job as mine, to bloom wherever you’re planted! Embrace your unique strengths and experiences. Seek mentorship, continuously learn and be open to learn, don’t be afraid to take risks. And if anyone tells you that you can’t do it, prove them wrong!