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Olivia Boden

IMG_1051 2024-01-16 15_09_31 OliviaMeet Olivia Boden and learn about her journey from sales to teaching and then into system development and UX design at Alimak Group.

Hello Olivia, could you share a bit about yourself and your background:

I am a system developer specialising in frontend and UX design, currently based at Alimak Group’s digital hub in Borås, Sweden. My primary task is to develop applications for all our divisions and diverse customer base.

In my role, I engage in research, planning and design, focusing on simplifying and digitising our internal processes. Additionally, I am dedicated to crafting applications that benefit users and owners of our products. Some examples include MyAlimak, MyBMU, and MyAvanti. These applications provide users and owners with access to IoT data, relevant information, and more.

My journey as a system developer and UX designer did not start with an immediate passion for coding. After completing my high school education in business economics (accounting), I felt the need to work with people and have worked both in sales and as a teacher.

Beyond my professional life, I have a strong interest in painting and I take every opportunity to engage in creative activities. I also value exploring new places, preferably with my two sons and husband in our small caravan, travelling on the roads of Sweden.

What motivated you to pursue a career in the scientific field?

I’ve always been solution-oriented, enjoying understanding the why behind things. When I started my education as a teacher, I aimed to help children keep up with worldwide digitalisation. During this time, I came across basic coding and became fascinated with its logic. About halfway through my education, I realised coding was where I wanted to focus on wholeheartedly. So, I transitioned to a system development program and I have never regretted my choices.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is the diversity it offers. It provides a blend of creative work and meaningful social interactions. Also, being a valuable team member, with many creative colleagues adds another layer to it, as we all contribute by generating ideas and supporting one another. Together, we have created a dynamic and fulfilling workplace.

Can you share your most significant success until today?

It is my courageous decision to step away from a career path that seemed safe and comfortable and start a new educational journey to secure a role in a traditionally male-dominated profession. I see this choice as a personal success.

Your field is within IT and digitalization. What do you see as the major developments in your field in the coming years?

The upcoming year holds some milestones for us, with the launch of an application designed to serve as an installation guide with a user-friendly interface, ensuring clear step-by-step instructions. Additionally, we are set to release a website with easy access for users seeking pre-owned products.

Also, as our company continues to expand with the addition of new divisions and colleagues, our focus will be on integrating them and introducing them to our current applications.

My team and colleagues worldwide are flooding us with new ideas on digitalising Alimak Group. There are exciting times ahead as we turn these concepts into reality and contribute to the evolving tech landscape.

What advice would you offer women aspiring to pursue a career in a scientific field, especially considering the current underrepresentation globally, what advice would you offer?

In my perspective, roles in fields such as ours greatly benefit from a rich perspective of life experiences and colleagues contributing diverse interests and views to product development. I advise aspiring women in these fields to bring these unique aspects into the workplace and leverage their personal experiences and qualities as valuable assets. Embracing diversity of thought and background can enrich their careers and contribute to more inclusive and innovative organisations.