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Martin Lindberg

PNG image 2024-01-16 15_18_20 MartinMartin’s journey, from Skellefteå to Southeast Asia, a learning adventure with Alimak Group

Meet Martin Lindberg, whose remarkable 30-year adventure with Alimak Group has taken him from the heart of Sweden to Southeast Asia.

Tell us, Martin, what is your job today?

I am a sales manager selling Alimak hoists, new equipment and spare parts to industrial customers. My market is mainly Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. I create relationships with clients and with our distributors as well.

How long have you worked for Alimak Group?

More than 30 years now. Time flies when you are having fun!

Can you tell us about your background?

My background is in mechanical and electrical engineering. I am from Sweden, and my professional journey started in our factory in the north of Sweden, Skellefteå. My role was to work with electrical systems for the hoists. After ten years, I got a new job in service and maintenance. I liked visiting customers and working with their installations and inspections in Sweden and abroad. A little over ten years ago, I was offered the opportunity to work abroad, so I moved from the small town of Skellefteå to the big city of Singapore to become After Sales Manager there.

That was quite a big move?

Indeed, the move was a significant shift in culture and language; however, over time, I discovered more similarities than differences. After working in Singapore for a couple of years, I moved to our factory in Guangzhou, China, to set up our after-sales business there. I worked in China for five years, returned to Singapore for a while, and am currently based in Thailand.

Have you actively sought these opportunities internally, or have they been presented to you?

It’s a mix. Sometimes, I have been active, and my managers have approached me. With my first move from Sweden to Singapore, I knew a colleague was retiring there, so I told my boss about my interest. But when I took on the next challenge to move to China, my manager asked me to do it, as I had learned the job well, and he thought I would fit the assignment.

What do you like most about your job at Alimak group?

The variety. One day is not like the other. I sell new equipment, work with aftermarket services, and actively solve customer issues. It is very rewarding to work with customers; they are very important to me. Their feedback means everything to me; it motivates me the most.

Do you have a life motto?

“Carpe diem! Embrace change and be open to what the day brings; you’ll have more fun that way.”

What advice would you give to a colleague who recently joined Alimak Group or someone who would like to join your company?

It’s fun to learn about a culture or a new job! My general advice is to embrace change and be open to new tasks, food, and working or talking methods. Consider learning a new language; I wish I had learned Chinese while I lived there.