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Frank van Ballegooij

Name: Frank van Ballegooij

Position: Sales Manager Industry Benelux, Industrial division.

Years at Alimak Group:
I started in May 2022. I’ve always been in project sales in different industries. From carwash installations to complete petrol stations. I was 6 years with KONE elevators, and this experience is a great benefit for my job at Alimak.

Short description about yourself and your background:
I’m 48 years old, married with two sons. Ian 20 years old and Owen 18 years old.

I have a commercial background, but I’ve always been in high-end technical sales because of my technical affinity.​​​​​​

What do you like most about your job?
To find out the customer needs and fulfill this with high end technical solutions. Yes, mainly long-term projects, which I love, so I can build relationships and let the customers experience the added value we offer.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Besides spending time with my family and work, sort of hobbies too. I like to play tennis and paddle. And when there is still time left, I like to ride my motorcycle.

What’s your life motto?
​​​​​​​Only together can we be successful.