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Alimak Group publishes Annual and Sustainability Report 2023

2023 was a very important and transformative year for Alimak Group. Despite a challenging macro-economic environment, the Group took another important step in the execution of the New Heights programme and delivered strong growth, profitability and cashflow.

“Since the launch of our strategic direction, the New Heights programme, three years ago, we have firmly followed our plan. The results for 2023 again prove that we are on the right track,” says Ole Kristian Jødahl, CEO of Alimak Group.

Revenues amounted to SEK 7.1 billion, up from SEK 4.5 billion, corresponding to a growth of 57 percent. The adjusted EBITA margin increased to 16.2 percent, compared to 13.6 percent last year.

Read more about Alimak Group’s strategic priorities, results and sustainability work in the Annual and Sustainability Report 2023. It is available on the Alimak Group website,