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Alimak Group announces new CFO

We are pleased to announce that Per Ekstedt (age 52) has been appointed Chief Financial Officer for Alimak Group AB, with effect from 1 January 2017.

Per Ekstedt is currently CFO at the Swedish high-tech company Mycronic, and he has been in that position since 2012. Per has previously held several positions as CFO, among others, Selecta, Group4 Securicor and Siemens Business Services.  

"We are very pleased to welcome Per Ekstedt to the management team of Alimak Group. His broad experience as CFO, working with global organizations will be of benefit to Alimak Group", says CEO, Tormod Gunleiksrud.

Per Ekstedt will succeed Stefan Rinaldo who will continue within the Alimak Group as COO.

For more information, please contact:

Tormod Gunleiksrud, CEO and President, Phone: +46 8 402 14 52

Sofia Wretman, Global head of Communications & Investor Relations, Phone: +46 8 402 14 47

About Alimak Group

Alimak is a global market leader and a pioneer in designing, developing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing industrial vertical access solutions. The company provides high quality hoists, elevators and platforms primarily for the industrial and construction sectors. Alimak has a global sales, services and distribution platform across more than 70 countries with strong market positions. The company has a well-established and highly resilient aftersales business and its large global installed base of close to 22,000 units provides unique know-how into its customer's needs. Alimak was founded in 1948, is headquartered in Stockholm and employ close to 1,200 people across the world. www.